The Morris Minor Convertible, or 'Tourer' to give it its official name, has always been the jewel in the crown amongst Morris Minor enthusiasts. And its popularity is continuing to thrive, thanks in no small part to its unique shape and loveable charm. Originally launched in 1948, Morris Minor produced thousands of these classic open-top tourers, but few have survived the passage of time, making our two cars even more special. We don't think it's possible to see one of these cars drive past without smiling, making a classic Morris Minor Convertible a fantastic option for your wedding day.

We have two 1960s-era Morris Minor Tourers for you to choose from, both in distinct finishes and trims, allowing you to choose the perfect car to complement your carefully chosen colour schemes and requirements.

'Molly' is a white Morris Minor Convertible, originally built in 1960. Lovingly restored to an immaculate standard, this car looks better now than the day it drove out of the factory. The white wheels and chrome trim perfectly finish the bespoke restoration, making this Morris Minor a fabulous choice for any wedding occasion. Appearing to be small on the outside, the plush leather interior is actually bigger than it looks, comfortably seating two across the back with room for one passenger next to the driver.

Looking beautiful under the summer sun or equally at home adding a splash of colour to a darker day, our 'Maisy-Blue' 1963 Morris Minor Convertible offers timeless style to your wedding day transport. Officially sprayed in 'Bermuda Blue', this versatile tone majestically sets off crisp white dresses or elegant bridesmaids’ outfits. The light blue leather interior carefully matches the exterior paintwork, making those pre-arrival internal photographs as special as the outside shots.

Flowers on the front grill and a subtle ribbon sweeping across the front grill is all either of our Morris Minors need to transform them into the perfect classic wedding car. And don't let the fear of a few drops of rain deter you from choosing a convertible for your wedding transport; both of our Morris Minors look fantastic with the roof up.


Video of our Lovely Morris Minor 'Molly'

Check out this great video of 'Molly'