Booking Information / Disclaimer

Booking Information

Please send an email for an Invoice/Booking Form:

Please take note of the following:


Company policy:



By submitting this booking form you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions 

as laid out by Molly’s Events Limited

1. Definition 
In these Terms and Conditions the term ‘Exhibitor’ includes all employees or agents of such and the term ‘Exhibition’ shall be deemed to mean Molly’s Events Limited named on the Booking Form 
The term ‘Organisers’ shall be deemed to mean Molly’s Events Limited

2. Applications for Space 
Please email us re your interest and we will send you an invoice/booking form by return
The Organisers reserve the right to accept or refuse any application without assigning any reason 

3. Allocation of Space 
Stand space will be allocated by the Organisers wherever possible in accordance with the Exhibitor’s choice and preference. However, consideration will be given to requirements of products to be exhibited and the Organisers reserve the right to reassign space allocated

4. Revision of Layout 
Should it be necessary to revise the layout of the Exhibition, for any purpose, the Organisers reserve the right to transfer an Exhibitor to an alternative suitable site 

5. Payment of Space 
The full payment (or deposit stipulated on the booking form) must be forwarded with the signed Booking Form. As our charges are very competitive we ask for full payment upon booking. (bank details enclosed on booking form). 

6. Basis of Contract
Submission of paper booking form or an online booking form is the basis of the contract between the organiser and the client and is subject to a deposit payable within 7 days You may cancel the booking within 7 days of the confirmation email and/or invoice (cooling off period) without charge. If the client does not notify in writing within 7 days that they wish to cancel this contract then the client is subject to all terms and conditions of the contract and is liable for all payments due 

7. Cancellation and Refunds 
If a client wishes to cancel a booking it must be notified by email or recorded delivery post. On receipt of written cancellation the Organisers shall give a 50% refund of the full balance on cancellation received up to 30 days prior to event. No refund is made upon cancellation within 30 days of event. The client remains liable for outstanding payments which must be paid by the due date with full payment due on unpaid accounts Non payment of deposit and/or subsequent instalments due will not be accepted as a reason for cancellation. Organisers reserve the right to cancel a booking and give a refund without assigning a reason
The Organisers may cancel forthwith any booking at any time if: 

a) The Client is in breach of any of its obligations hereunder 

b) The Client ceases or threatens to cease to carry on the business

c)  Any circumstances whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the Organisers (including but not limited to the cancellation, through no fault of the Organisers, of the venue for the Event) necessitate the cancellation for whatever reason of the Event 

8. Unoccupied Space 
Where space applied for and granted is not occupied by the Exhibitor by 30 minutes prior to commencement of the Show, then the Organisers reserve the right to re-allocate or otherwise deal with this space as they so decide. No refunds will be given 

9. Prohibition of Transfer & Restrictions
Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or grant licences in respect of the whole or any part of the space allotted to them without the express permission of the Organisers

10. Alcoholic Goods 
As venues are licensed premises, exhibitors may not bring in their own alcoholic goods for own consumption or serving to visitors unless by prior written agreement with the Organisers

11. Admission 
The Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to any person to the Exhibition without assigning any reason 

12. Set-up and Duration of Exhibition 
Access for set-up is available 2 hours before opening time to the public

13. Dismantling of Exhibition Stand 
Dismantling may not commence before 1 hour of the advertised closing time of the event and must be cleared within 1 hour of the closing time. All Exhibitor products/materials/rubbish must be completely removed from the premises at the close of the exhibition 

14. Stand Interiors
Exhibitors erecting interior displays must ensure all work conforms to the requirements of the Organiser or other appropriate authorities and is executed within the terms of the Health & Safety at Work Act 

15. Standards
Exhibitors are requested to ensure that all displays are of a professional standard, with no hand written posters. Where stands are visible from all angles, exhibitors are to ensure that stands have professional coverage

16. Electrical Requirements
The Organisers do not provide any electrical facilities unless requested on booking form. Exhibitors requiring electric must supply their own extension leads. These and other electrical equipment used on the stand must have the appropriate PAT Certification and where applicable hazard taping must be provided to cover loose cables

17. Wedding Cars 
Exhibitors with Wedding Cars will be given an allocated space which has been agreed in advance with the venue management and no deviation from this positioning can be allowed. Suitable fire extinguishers for use on fires involving flammable liquids must be provided by the exhibitor 

18. Balloons 
Escaping balloons must be recovered from the roof space. All helium gas cylinders must be removed from the public areas once balloons have been filled and throughout the show. Balloon displays must not encroach on gangways or the stand space of other exhibitors

19. Promotional Restrictions
Exhibitors can only promote and display their own business product or service being that which is detailed on the booking form as ‘Product / Service Provided’. When offering more than one service it is imperative that all services are agreed with the Organiser and the appropriate agreement to promote such services is agreed in advance. This generally requires booking a larger space and is subject to availability within those categories.
Peripheral products or services can only be promoted with the express permission of the Organisers. Organisers reserve the right to remove items from display not included in the original booking form application

20. Advertising Matter 
The Exhibitor may distribute advertising and printing materials from own stand but must not distribute such material in the neighbourhood of entrances or exits, nor in such a manner as to cause annoyance or disturbance to other Exhibitors. 
Where a table is provided for display of exhibitors’ advertising material, then only this designated area may be used for such purposes. 
In the event of complaints, the matter shall be referred to the Organisers for their decision 

21. Storage 
The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the removal from the Exhibition premises and storage of all crates and empty cartons not required on the stand 

22. PPL/PRS Licences
PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) covers the public use of sound recordings on behalf of the artistes concerned.
PRS (Performing Rights Society) covers the public performance of copyright musical works on behalf of the composers and publishers.
Both PPL and PRS Licences are required by Exhibitors wishing to use recorded material (including CD/Record/Cassette/Video) on their stands in the Exhibition.
Licence applications must be made direct to:
Karen Connor, Licensing Officer, General Licencing Department, Phonographic Performance Ltd, 1 Upper James Street, London W1R 3HG 
Tel: 020 7543 1000 
Peter Smith, Licensing Inspector, PRS New Licence Centre, Performing Rights Society Ltd
Elwes House, 13 Church Walk, Peterborough, Cambs PE1 2UZ 
Tel: 0800 068 4828

23. Health & Safety and Fire Risks
Exhibitors are reminded that the Health & Safety Act 1974 and the regulations made under this Act impose duties and responsibilities upon all employers and that these duties are not reduced, regardless of whether an employee is in their own office or exhibiting at a Show. Exhibitors must adhere to all fire and safety regulations which affect the Exhibition. Aisles and fire exits must be kept clear. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the stand during opening times of the exhibition.
Exhibitors offering products and services within the food industry must be registered with their local Environmental Health Department and hold relative certificates (as a minimum a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate) and ensure that documentation is available for inspection at each event

24. Protection of Exhibits 
All exhibits must be properly protected so as to avoid danger to any person or persons visiting or taking part in the Exhibition. The Organisers shall be indemnified by the Exhibitor against any claim or action on account of any inquiry or damage being caused or occasioned by any exhibit to any persons whatsoever 

25. Exhibitors Liabilities
Every Exhibitor accepts liability for all acts or omissions of themselves and their agents, visitors or contractors. Including any exhibitor samples whether such samples are sold or given away free

26. Insurance Liability
The Organisers will not be responsible for the safety of any property owned by or brought on to the location of the exhibition by an exhibitor or any other person on his behalf or for any loss or damage that may occur to such property, unless caused by the Organisers negligence. Exhibitors should provide their own Public Liability Insurance

27. Postponement or Abandonment
In no event shall the Exhibitor have any claim for damages of any kind against the Organisers or the venue owner in respect of any loss or consequential damage upon the prevention, postponement or abandonment of the Show by reason of the Exhibition Building becoming wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition for reasons beyond the Organisers’ control. 
The Organisers shall be able to retain payment if they are able to re-arrange the Exhibition providing the space agreed in the original contract or a suitable alternative. Any modification, substitution or re-arrangement considered necessary will be determined by the Organisers

28. Exhibition Services
The Organisers undertake to make all reasonable attempts to provide necessary services for smooth operation of the Exhibition but accept no responsibility for breakdown or failure of such services unless caused by the Organisers negligence

29. Assurances/Guarantees
No assurance or guarantee of any kind is offered by the Organiser and none is to be given, invoked, or otherwise applied on the part of the Organiser, for any goods or services tendered, sold or otherwise traded at the Shows

30. Right of Rejection 
Exhibits are admitted to the Exhibition and shall remain there solely on strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions. The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit in whole or in part and reject any Exhibitor or his representatives in the case of failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations. There shall be no return of payment if such rejection or prohibition is deemed necessary by the Organisers 

31. Conduct of Exhibitors and Representatives 
Annoyance: The Organisers reserve the right to stop any activity on the part of an Exhibitor that may cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or visitors. Business must be conducted only from the Exhibitors’ own stand and under no circumstances may this be carried out from a gangway or elsewhere in the Exhibition. 
Microphones: Use of microphones is not permitted unless agreed with the Organisers in advance.
Gangways: Any encroachment upon gangways or passages shall be deemed to be a breach of contract and articles or goods found therein during the period of the Exhibition may be removed by the Organisers or their agents and the Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss thereto occasioned by such removal. 
Publicity Material: may only be displayed and/or given away and/or demonstrated from the Exhibitors’ own stand 

32. Protection of Data 
Any data provided is for your personal use only and you may download the data for use by the personal name or company name in which you booked exhibition space or purchased at the wedding show to which it relates. 
All information provided to you is confidential and subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Data may only be used to market the product or service for which it was booked. You may not facilitate any third party to copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, commercially or create derivative works from the Content. 
Failure to comply will result in exclusion from future events with the Organisers and may also result in legal action. You may not use the data provided to promote any other wedding shows or events, nor offer free tickets for other events. 
Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of permission to use the data and you will be required to confirm in writing that all leads have been removed from your records and that you will no longer contact those leads; you will also have responsibility for ensuring that any recipient of those leads also complies with the aforementioned. Furthermore your company will be excluded from future events with and services provided by Molly’s Events Limited with no refund of monies paid

33. Distribution of Leaflets
Leaflets must promote one business only, unless prior agreement is authorised.  Organisers reserve the right to refuse distribution if the material is considered unsuitable or detrimental to the quality of the exhibition and the reputation of the business 

34. Amendment of Terms and Conditions 
The Organisers reserve the right to alter, add to or amend any of these Terms and Conditions. Should any question arise, whether provided for in these conditions or not, the decision of the Organisers shall be final. No alteration, addition, amendment or waiver to or of these Terms and Conditions shall operate to release any Exhibitor from his contract. The descriptive headings to these Terms and Conditions are merely for reference and do not form part of the Contract between the parties