Few cars evoke as many emotions as the classic E-Type Jaguar. An undisputed British icon, this stylish vehicle not only redefined the benchmark in the automotive industry but set a whole new standard for exciting and innovative design on a global scale.

Instantly recognisable, the distinct lines of the E-Type Jaguar are still replicated in modern sportscars. Yet there are few, if any, cars capable of turning heads quite like this British favourite.

Our vibrant red 'Ruby' stands out amongst all other wedding car services. Painstakingly restored to former glory, the quality of the renovation is plain to see in the attention to detail throughout the car. Totally dismantled to ensure no panel was left untouched, Ruby must surely be one of the finest E-Type Jaguars in wedding car operation today.

Originally leaving the factory in 1972, the phenomenal 5.3 litre V12 engine adds to the impression left behind by this magnificent classic car. Your wedding guests won't be left disappointed when they see and hear the wedding party arrive in vintage British style. Just be sure to allow extra time for your guests to take pictures stood next to Ruby, as everyone is sure to want a photo encapsulating this beautiful red sportscar.

This car is the ultimate treat for a bride arriving at the ceremony, a memorable car in which to leave the wedding service, or perhaps a unique way to thank the best man for all his help and support with the planning of the event. Despite only being a two-seater, the space inside is generous, so there is plenty of room for whoever is fortunate enough to hitch a ride in this most special of wedding cars. 


'Ruby' see her now at www.myruby.org


Meet 'Ruby'

See 'Ruby' at www.myruby.org 


'Ruby' is a 1972 V12 e-type Jaguar

Signal Red 5.3 ltr S3 e-type Jaguar 


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